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by | Aug 25, 2022 | Articles-en


by | Aug 25, 2022 | Articles-en

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the present time belongs to Nano-technology, because with the help of nanotechnology exploring substances from their micro state to even finer state is possible and to uncover their latent powers for infinite benefits a unique process has been followed since ancient times known as ‘Yagya’. Let’s know how?

In ayurveda, efforts are made for the well-being of a generally sick person by giving him medicines like Vati, Churna, Asava, Arishta etc for holistic health. But when the disease reaches an incurable degree or the use of medicines like Vati does not show its effect, at that time the Vaidyas of Ayurveda take the help of essence chemistry knowledge (Ras Rasayan Vidya) i.e. ‘nano technology’ that are commonly known as Bhasma, and thus the responsibility of providing immediate health to even the incurable category of patients becomes possible or accomplished! Why?

Because the medicine taken ordinarily is in solid or liquid form, which is not in nano form i.e. the latent powers hidden inside them are not in fully awakened state. So, to accomplish that task, that is, to revive the powers which are in the dormant state, the relevant medicine is first burnt and made into ashes for whichever disease it is needed. That is, if you blow such a micro form keeping it on the palm, then it becomes airborne after merging with air being in its micro state.

Still then, we are not able to fully generate their power, hence such Bhasm is crushed in pestle and mortar to further bifurcate their particles. By grinding that substance over and over again for several days, the particles are further bifurcated in their smaller and micro form; the more particles are crushed, the more they achieve their micro form. The more micro form is attained, the more their latent energy continues to arise and comes to a state which gets transformed into the most powerful substance. It becomes in the form of such a powerful substance that when any other medicine does not work or patient is at the stage of incurable disease or deathbed, he is also healed instantly with such consumption.  . This results in such amazing power, which is the Nano technology of our Ayurveda scriptures.

Similarly, if we review the homeopathy, it is only 200 years old medicinal system, it is also becoming more and more popular in the society today, as its basic principle is nanotechnology. Even in homeopathy, whichever substance that we need, the same substance is refined through distilled water and synthesized based on its medicinal properties like characteristics, action, basic nature etc. It becomes so fine that it gets converted into nano form, which when consumed, immediately yields results at that very time

‘Yagya’ is also an infallible method and knowledge of converting materials in their Nano form through the most comprehensive and simplest method. Out of all the substances found on the earth, ‘Fire’ is the smallest substance to the micro level. There are three forms of matter found on this earth i.e.– solid, liquid, and gas. Out of all these, if we take the toughest stone and wish to put water inside the stone, it wouldn’t be possible; if we wish to put air inside that stone, it wouldn’t be possible; similarly, if we wish to put any hard substance like nails, etc. in that tough and solid stone, it wouldn’t be possible. Which means, there is no place even inside the toughest stone, or any of the three type of substances  . There is no such possibility that anything can enter inside it. But if that tough stone is placed above the fire, then that fire reaches inside that stone even to its molecular and atomic levels. Similarly, fire can reach inside the molecular and atomic structure of liquid, and gaseous substances.   That is, fire is the only substance on the earth which is in most micro form. It is the special nature of fire, that whatever substance comes in its contact, it makes that substance like itself, that is in its micro form. Like, when we offer samidha(wood) in the fire, it gains the form of fire i.e. micro level, similarly if we offer ghee and herbs in the fire, then they also reach at equal micro level; and whichever substance achieves more nano form, it yields more powerful and effective results.

Thus whatever substance is offered in the fire, it gets transformed. It does not get destroyed, but the particle gets transformed into air (Gas) and energy (Energy). The meaning of word Nash (Destruction) is derived from ‘Nash Adarshane’; which means at first we see the yagya materials i.e. ghee, samidha, herbs etc., when they are offered in the fire, then they become as micro or nano as fire and particles get converted into gas and energy, and not completely vanish. Just like if water is kept in a vessel, and we put it above the fire (heated at a hundred degrees Celsius) then it gets vaporized, which makes the vessel empty. The water that was visible in the pot cannot be seen any longer. Will we be able to say that this water got destroyed? No, because it got converted into vapor form, it was not completely destroyed. Similarly, every substance gets transformed, it doesn’t not completely absent, this is the literal and real meaning of the word Nash (Destruction). Maharishi Kapila has clarified the same through the sutra ‘Nashah karanalayah’ -(1.86) in Sankhyadarshan; which means to merge with the rhythm of one’s cause, that is, to be transformed into the infinite energy, the energy which gives the most effective results. It provides therapeutic effects not only on our physical body, but also affects our micro body along with the five sheaths (Panch-kosha) i.e. Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vigyanamaya, and Anandamaya through its healing properties. The nourishment of Panchapran and the Panch Upapranas along with effective transmission of satva in to eight chakrs i.e. from Muladhar to Sahasrar, is possible through ‘yagya’ therapy which raises the human consciousness and connects it with the mind’s super consciousness

Health from diet in air form-

Living beings need the energy to live life, that energy is received through diet. Which are taken in three forms – solid, liquid and gas. If we look at the energy received from these three foods, we get the most energy in gas form. Because we eat two to three times a day, in which we take solid food in the form of bread, rice etc.; and consume liquid food around 5 to 10 times a day; and we are consuming gaseous food in form of air which is being inhaled during 24 hours even while eating, drinking, waking up, and sleeping.

From this it is proved that the gaseous form of diet (Air) is the most consumed food among our three type of diets. Similarly, even if we see the importance of diet, then air is the most important among them all. For example, we can survive for two to three months, even if we do not consume solid form of foods; likewise, we can live up to two-three weeks without taking food in liquid form. But if we do not consume air as food, it will not possible for us to survive even for two to three minutes. It proves that only air is the most consumed and most important of our three type of diets.

According to Ayurveda scriptures, Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas keep increasing and decreasing in the body depending on the seasons, which is directly related to the air. In the summer season the atmosphere becomes hot, which means the Pitta dosha increases at that time. Similarly, Vata dosha increases in the rainy season and Kapha dosha increases in the winter season. On the other hand, due to air being the most important part of our diet, Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas keep increasing and decreasing in our bodies too. Just as mentioned in Ayurveda scriptures, solid food in the form of dry food increases Vata dosha, spicy food increases Pitta, and oily and cold food increases Kapha dosha, in the same way the air should be consumed as per this knowledge. Therefore, by performing Yagya with herbs according to the season, the doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha get balanced in the atmosphere; and by living in a balanced air free of impurities, the doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha get balanced in our body. Through which we receive special health benefits.


We encounter two types of dust particles (Ions) i.e. first, the negatively charged particle anion, and secondly, the positively charged particle cation, in the current atmosphere. Air containing anionic substances is especially beneficial for living beings. Sufficient amounts of anions are found in springs, river banks, sea coasts, forests, mountainous areas and rural areas. That’s why people like to visit these places for a change of air, and such atmosphere also provides quick health benefits. Which is known as ‘ionic therapy’ in common language.

Wherever the Yagya is performed on regular basis, the amount of anions is found 200 to 400 ions per cm. in quantity. This proves that if we also want to create the atmosphere of our house like that of around waterfall, river, forest and hilly area to get special health benefits, then we must perform Yagya every day. Similarly, staying in the air  which is rich in cations causes health damage. The congested areas, polluted urban areas, and industrial areas have such particles in plentiful amount, the health of the people starts faltering and the patient takes a longer time to recover despite having available all kinds of facilities and treatment etc.

This fact has also been proved by a scientist Albert Kurzer through research and experiments, that living in air containing cations decreases the amount of ‘blood serotonin’. As a result of which there is a loss of health and the patient faces a lot of difficulty in getting health benefits, and living in an atmosphere containing anions causes a raise in the amount of such increased ‘blood serotonin’ creating a balanced level in body.   Which helps the patient in receiving special health benefits and the patient gets immediate results in getting rid of his disease.

Removing pathogenic microorganisms –

When medicinal substances and cow ghrita are offered in the yagya fire, then many types of gases are formed ranging from ethylene-oxide, propylene-oxide upon their burning. The effects of such gases results in destroying harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses etc. Due to which many diseases will not occur, and even if they emerge, such harmful microorganisms get destroyed by coming in contact with the gases produced by yagya and the disease caused by such microorganisms also gets eliminated. At present, around 20 million people die due to diseases caused by these microorganisms in the whole world, which can be saved by adopting this small technique known as yagya.

It is an important aspect in many aspects of yagya therapy. This has also been proved by the current modern science, that the diseases caused by micro-organisms can be eliminated by ‘Yagya’.

Healing by the heat, color and light-rays of the yagya fire-

Yagya is the sun of our house. As the practice of sun-therapy is in trend nowadays, in which many diseases are cured by consuming the sunlight and by drinking the water from some special colored bottles after keeping them in sun rays. Similarly, when performing a yagya as the heat and light-rays reach our body while witnessing the Yagya fire, it brings a wonderful therapeutic effect on our body. Due to which many diseases can be avoided and cured if they have already happened.

Treatment of action-based (Karmashaya) diseases by Yagya

Maximum of the virtues can be attained by performing Yagya, hence Yagya is also called the cultivation of virtues. On the basis of those virtues, caste, age and luxuries are attained. The present life that we are living is also the result of the virtuous deeds performed in the past. If the same virtuous collection of deeds (Karmashaya) is weak, then as a result of this, many diseases happen like ‘leprosy’ as mentioned in the texts of Ayurveda etc., which are caused by wrong collective actions (Karmasaya) and the treatment of diseases caused by the curses, badduva or abhichaar etc is also suggested through Yagya therapy. Chronic and wicked diseases and consequences are mentioned. Similarly, as also mentioned in ‘Mimamsa Darshan’, in the absence of the expected collective actions (karmashaya) for the childbirth, that is, for the attainment of having joy of children, many people get deprived of the happiness of having children. Hence, as a remedy for such situation, first we must strengthen our virtuous collective actions (Karmasaya) by performing deeds like Yagya etc. and after getting them potentially viable, we attain the joy of child-bearing i.e. luxury of happiness. Hence, it is proved that the liberation from many incurable and serious diseases along with attainment of special happiness is possible by the ‘yagya’ therapy.

Medical Treatment with Bhasma/Ash-

The Ash(Bhasma) remained from Yagya acts as an invaluable medicine. That is why in ancient times, Rishi-Maharishi used to apply Tilak with ashes, covered the whole body with ashes and provided ashes as Prasad (offering) to the visitors coming for the sight or lectures. They used to recommend the same ashes of the Yagya and consume it with water, whenever people visited the ancient sages for their health problems, which resulted into their health’s recovery.

Even when small children used to go out in sunlight to play outside, their mothers would apply some amount of ashes on their tongues, which helped in maintaining the children’s health.

The above-mentioned facts can be believed by a common person as being reverent or ignorant, but today science has proved that there are many useful properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal etc. found in ashes. Today, the purpose for which we use soap and sanitizer for protection against living beings, they are found in the ash naturally. Therefore, to protect against the bacteria living on the body, the ancient people used to apply ashes on the body. At present, crores of people die from the diseases even after using soap etc. Due to this property, the ashes are used continuously for cleaning utensils etc.

By using the ashes of Yagya, one can get rid of different skin diseases and due to the special beauty-enhancing properties of the ashes, today many beauty products like cream, powder etc. are being sold in the foreign countries.

Even the acne, pimples and old wounds also get cured by using Ashes and by its continuous use, even the scars on the body get faded, which means to keep the skin healthy, ‘Bhasma’ (Ash) is a medicine in the form of a boon.

After mixing a small amount of ash in water and leaving it for a few hours, the bacteria etc. inside that water get destroyed and also maintains the pH level of water as well as functions to make that water energetic and medicated. By using this water for drinking purposes and consuming some amount of ash with water, it shows miraculous results in increasing ‘blood oxygen’ and curing various types of diseases ranging from allergies, deficiency etc. These facts have been proved by the modern science as well that if this Ash is prepared by homeopathy method and consumed, then the person can get rid of the side effects of allopathy medicine. One of the experiment has proved that when food grains are affected by the atomic radiation, then such radioactive effect can be reduced by immersing the food grains in Ash water.

Consumption of the Yagya Ashes:

For the treatment of all diseases, the remaining ashes of Yagya is to be filtered, kept in muslin cloth in the ratio of 2 to 5 gm per one-liter water, and then consumed after 8 hours.  



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