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Research on Yagya by many scientists and scholars

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Articles-en

Research on Yagya by many scientists and scholars

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Articles-en

1. The fire of Yagya transforms the substances into their microstates; this process of micronization enables the transformation of such substance’ infinite power and the most powerful aspect of such medicine gets highlighted, this is known as the root cause element. The power of micro form of medicine is much higher than that of its physical form.

(According to Hahnemann)

2. When aromatic substances are offered in the fire of Yagya, then many types of diseases spread in the environment get cured by such aromatic flames. This tradition has been adapted already in Scotland, Ireland and South America, to get rid from deadly diseases Pandemic.

(Prof. Max Müller in the book ‘Physical Religion’)

3. Since, the era of B.C., there was such a popular medical practice in Arab which was completely based on aromatic substances.

Arabian from BC, Uniform medical practices were prevalent which were based only on aromatic substances. Ghoama word is used in Japan and China in the place of Homa word and by burning the ghee along with aromatic substance in temples on daily basis several major diseases are eliminated.

(Detailed in Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and Self Help)

4. When various substances are offered in Yagya flames after examining the properties and demerits of smoke produced, it was found that there are certain things which become more beneficial after burning than their normal form. Which destroys the harmful micro-organisms of cholera, epidemic, tuberculosis, smallpox, etc., that are present in the air. The gas produced by sweet substances like dry dates, raisins, dry grapes, etc., as compared to simple Khaand of sugarcane, has special nutritional properties along with vermicide properties.

(French chemist of chemistry Dr. Trille)

5. Aromatherapy is used to easily cure many types of diseases. Those diseases are Pimples, wrinkles, and many skin diseases like seborrhea, dysfunction of blood circulation, obesity, muscle weakness, Rheumatism, sinusitis, and depression etc.

(In the book ‘The Art of Aroma Therapy’ by Robert B. Tisred)

6. I can state this on the basis of facts and evidence that diseases like Pandemic, plague and many types of viral diseases get eliminated by burning aromatic medicines.

(In the book ‘Bubonic Plague’ by Colonel King, IMS Sanitary Commissioner, Madras)

7. All the Scholars know that microstate is more powerful than the macro state of substances and micro form can enter in the macro form of substances.  If a human eats a small piece of gold there will be no effect on his/her body, but after consuming the ashes of such piece in its microstate, they shall experience the body heat in first day itself and glowing effect on their face and energy in their body after some time.

(Book of ‘Yagya Medicine’ by Dr. Phundan Lal Agnihotri)

8. The poison of Cholera, Tuberculosis and Chicken pox etc. are destroyed by the smoke of burning khaand (Sugar) because it has more strength to purify the air.

(French Prof. Tilvert)

9. I have observed and found that smoke of burned dry fruits like- Raisin, dried grapes etc. destroyed the bacteria of Typhoid fever in half an hour only and the harmful microorganisms of other diseases also get eliminated in two hours.

(Dr. Tatlit)

10. The worm-based diseases get eliminated by the burning of ghee.

(French Dr. Hefkin, inventor of the smallpox vaccine)

11. Based on the several years of medical treatment experience, I have decided that Vedokta Yagyas (i.e. Yagya therapy) eliminates those severe diseases, which are not cured even by consuming the medicine.

(Kaviraj Pandit Sitaram Shastri)

12. For the first 25 years, after research and experimentation, I have cured hundreds of patients with tuberculosis diseases by Yagya therapy. Among them, there were also patients whose Lung cavities were several inches long and such patients were claimed by the doctors to be incurable even after living in the sanatorium and the mountain areas, but now, they are doing their business after being completely cured by Yagya therapy.

(Dr. Phundanlal Agnihotri)

13. When Yagya is performed, it increases the rate of positive life energy in the surrounding environment which was recorded for before and after Yagya experimentation through kirlian photography of human hand.

(German Dr. Mathias Faringer)

14. Studying the effects of Yagya on the Cardiac Plexus, revealed that its state following Yagya practices is identical to the state after following mental or spiritual healing practices.

(Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama)

15. Aging process can be stopped by aromatherapy.

(In the book ‘The Secret of Life and Youth’ by Mrs. Margaret Mori)


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