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Mental Health

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Research-en

1.1  Khokhar et al., (2012). The objective of the study was to explore the effects of Yagya therapy in the management of inferiority and insecurity feelings of HIV+/AIDS patients. A sample of 80 HIV+/AIDS subjects in the range of 12 to 40 years were selected on the basis of score obtained on the Inferiority and Insecurity Questionnaire. These subjects were assigned randomly to two conditions namely, control (N=40, 20 males and 20 females) and experimental (N=40, 20 males and 20 females). The subjects in the experimental group were only exposed to Yayga therapy practices about one hour daily for six months. The obtained data was statistically analyzed through t-test. The finding reveals that Yagya therapy significantly reduces the levels of inferiority and insecurity feelings of patients.

Khokhar et al., (2012)

1.2 Kumar, et al., (2019). The objective of the study was to explore the effects of Gayatri Mantra fire oblations during Yagya in Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) signals. A sample of 12 volunteer students (males) of age group 17 to 24 with no past experience of regular participation in Yagya were selected to participate in the study. GSR signal patterns for emotional changes were measured through a biofeedback machine. This indicated that, during the later-half of Yagya ritual, GSR values were low compared to first half and the significant drop in GSR value were at Gayatri Mantra fire offering indicating achievement of the start of the relaxation. Thus, the present study shows reduced GSR signals from Gayatri Mantra fire oblations during Yagya.

Kumar, et al., (2019)

1.3 Nilachal & Trivedi (2019). The objective of the study was to find the impact of Yagya therapy on the level of stress and anxiety. A study was conducted on 4 subjects for 30 days and levels of stress and anxiety were evaluated using Biofeedback Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test (SCAT). The result showed improvement in both the conditions of the participants. Thus, this study indicated the utility of Yagya in daily life for combating mental conditions of stress and anxiety.

Nilachal & Trivedi (2019)


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Aug 31, 2022