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Yagya Revolution

Yagya is a universal scientific and secular sacred tradition. Yagya provides various benefits such as environmental purification, health attainment, excellent agriculture, freedom from radiation, freedom from microbiological pollution, wish fulfillment, worship of God, peace of mind to uplifting of human consciousness, also leading us towards extreme mental consciousness.

सहस्रारम्भ: शुचिजिह्वो अग्निः। – ऋग्. 2.9.1

The Yagya fire with the sacred flame provides thousands of benefits which includes visible-in-sight, cosmic-transcendental, physical and spiritual benefits. So let us make a resolution to adopt the best karma in the world, yagya, and make it an intrinsic part of our lives, which maintains the body-universe balance, and pay our responsibilities to Mother Nature.

विश्व स्वास्थ्य का एक नारा।
यज्ञ से होगा जग उजियारा।।

Yagya Mahotsav

The triveni confluence of Dravya Yagya, Yoga Yagya and Gyan Yagya.

  • Dravya Yagya: In which the cessation of diseases through yagya therapy, the purification of the five elements, air, etc., purification of elements freedom from defects, sorrow, misery, poverty and inauspicious, physical, mental and spiritual happiness as well as family.
  • Yoga Yagya: In which enlightenment on the deepest mysteries of yoga science for the yoga practice according to the disease and permanent health.
  • Gyan Yagya: In which self-study and satsang of life-useful scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads, Darshan, Ayurveda and Ramayana-Mahabharata.

So, let’s take a dip in this Triveni Sangam “Yagya-Mahotsav” to empower and make ourselves, family and society strong and character-oriented and pay our debts towards Mother Nature.