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Glory of Guggul Incense

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Articles-en

Glory of Guggul Incense

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Articles-en

न तं यक्ष्मा अरुन्धते नैनं शपथो अश्नुते। यं भेषजस्य गुल्गुलोः सुरभिर्गन्धो अश्नुते।। -अथर्व.१९.३८.१

The person who receives the aroma of guggul herb, neither he is gets affected by diseases like TB (tuberculosis), nor he is tormented by any curse or mental illnesses etc.

घृतगुग्गुलुहोमे च सर्वोत्पातादिमर्द्दनम्। -अग्नि पुराण

All kinds of disturbances are prevented by ghee and guggul Havan.

Medicinal properties-

Three humors balance (Tridoshshamak), nourishment, strength, cardiovascular, Throat vitality etc.

Chemical Composition- Contains volatile oil, coumaphoric acid, guggulsterol, quercetin, planoleic, oleic, stearic, palmitic, sitosterol, capesterol and phenolic resins. The volatile oil contains cuminic aldehyde, eugenol, metacresol, pinene, limonene, dipentene and sesquiterpene.


The hawan of Apamarga plant eliminates demons or pollution.


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