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Ghrita (Ghee)

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Articles-en

Ghrita (Ghee)

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Articles-en

घृताहवन दीदिवः प्रतिष्म रिषतो दह। अग्ने त्वं रक्षस्विनः।।

The yagya fire lit with ghee is thoroughly capable enough to destroy the adverse enemies and defects around us.

जिघम्र्यग्निं हविषा घृतेन प्रतिक्षियन्तं भुवनानि विश्वा।।

I illuminate the fire with ghee, which is present in every substance and is the foundation of all the realms.

यत्र सोमः सूयते यत्र यज्ञो घृतस्य धारा अभितत्पवन्ते।

The Yagya performed by the stream of ghee yields purity and helps in flow of fluid in medicinal plants.

घृतमग्नेर्वध्य्रश्वस्य वर्धनं घृतमन्नं घृतम्वस्य मेदनम्।
घृतेनाहुत उर्विया वि पप्रथे सूर्य इव रोचते सर्पिरासुतिः।।

Ghrita is the enhancer of glorious fire. Ghrita is its food, nourisher, and the fire ignited by ghrita gets expanded further. When ghee is offered, this fire illuminates just like the sun.

घृतेन द्यावापृथिवी पूर्येथाम्।

The sky and earth must be filled with ghee through the medium of Yagya.

घृतस्यास्मिन् यज्ञे धारयामा नमोभिः। घृतस्य धारा अभिचाकशीमि।।

In this Yagya, a stream of ghee must be poured along with grain and other materials.

अस्मभ्यं वृष्टिमा पव।।

All the Yagyas must be poured with stream of ghee which is best nourisher for pantheons like air that shall yield us prosperous rains.

आज्येन वै वज्रेन देवा वृत्रमघ्नन्।।

The Pantheons destroy enemy like pollution through weapon in form of ghee.

आज्यं वै यज्ञः-

Ghee is the Yagya itself.

यदसर्पत्तत्सर्पिः अभवत्।।

The one who is moving like a snake is a Ghrit Sarpi or just as a snake purifies the air by drinking the poison of the air, similarly the Ghrit Sarpi is also capable of making the environment pollution free by performing Yagya.

Note: Kindly review the Hindi translation, it must be based on scientific facts and not a mythological interpretation.


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