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by | Aug 31, 2022 | Research-en

1.1 Rastogi et al., (2020). The study was conducted to assess the effect of yagyopathy treatment i.e. dhoom nasya along with mantra chanting during the agnihotra on diabetic patients i.e., divided into two groups (i) diagnosed diabetic (n=2) without medication and (ii) diagnosed diabetics (n=4) with medication. The duration of agnihotra was 40-45 minutes daily with the common and special samidha as per their requirement for the therapy of dhoom nasya. After 6 months of yagyopathy both the groups showed an improvement in the level of glucose. The results of the study suggested the importance of yagyopathy for the diabetic patients.

Rastogi et al., (2020)

1.2 Patel et al., (2017). The objective of the study was to find the effects of Herbal medicinal-Smoke(Dhoom-Nasya) in the management Of Type II Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). For this study, a subject suffering from T2DM for 6 years was told to burn 4 incense sticks made up of 24 herbal ingredients each in morning and evening and inhale the vapors for about 45 min through deep breathing. The subject was supposed to continue this process for a minimum of 10 weeks. After 13 weeks of the current treatment, the HbA1C came below 7 which had earlier reached up to 10 and the subject also experienced relief in associated symptoms like polyphagia, irritation etc. Thus, the present study showed encouraging results regarding the effectiveness of Herbal medicinal-Smoke (Dhoom-Nasya) in the management Of Type II Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM).

Patel et al., (2017)

1.3 Pal, S., & Shrivastav, V. (2020). The objective of the study was to find the effects of Yagya therapy in the reduction of blood glucose level in diabetic patients. In this study, 10 diabetic patients were given 13 days of Yagya Therapy twice a day and their pre and post blood level of fasting glucose, Postprandial (PP) glucose and HbA1C were measured. All of them showed reduction in the blood glucose level after Yagya therapy. Thus, the present study indicated Yagya therapy as a potential supportive and alternative solution in the management of diabetes.

Patel, et al., (2020)


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Aug 31, 2022