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by | Jul 8, 2022 | Articles-en


by | Jul 8, 2022 | Articles-en

एतेषु यश्चरते भ्राजमानेषु यथाकालं चाहुतयो ह्याददायन्।
तन्नयन्त्येताः सूर्यस्य रश्मयो यत्र देवानां पतिरेकोऽधिवासः।। -मु.उ. 1,2,5

The Yagyaman who fulfills his karma through offerings at right time in the crests of fire with seven flames, such offerings reach in form of sunrays as his accumulated Karma (Sanchit Karma) at the place where supreme god as base of world is manifested in reality.

fulfills the karma by making yagya at the right time. These offerings reach him in the form of in the rays of the sun and take him to the place where the Supreme Soul, the basis of the world, is known directly.

यथेह क्षुधिता बाला मातरं पर्युपासते। एवं सर्वाणि भूतान्यग्निहोत्रमुपासत।। -छा.उ. 5,24,5

Just as hungry children ask their mother for comfort etc. in this world, similarly the all human beings worship through Agnihotra Yagyaddh. Agnihotra is considered most important in all the yagyas, hence it gets a detailed description :-

In this world, like hungry children, praying for happiness from mother. All such beings worship Agnihotra yagya (yagyaddh). Agnihotra is considered important in all the yagyas, hence it gets a detailed description: –

अग्नये चेव सायं, प्रजापतये चेत्यब्रवीत्। सूर्याय च प्रातः प्रजापतये चेति।।

In the Agnihotra, offering is made in the evening by chanting Agneya and Prajapataye and in the morning by chanting Suryay and Prajapataye.

अग्निहोत्रे स्वाहाकारः –

Swaha should be chanted in Agnihotra.

एतद्वै जरामर्य सत्रं यदग्निहोत्रम्।
जरया ह वा मुच्यते मृत्युना वा।।

This is Agnihotra Jaramarya session because it can be left only after the extreme incapacitation or death.

अग्निहोत्रेऽश्वमेधस्याप्तिः –

The fruit of Ashwamedha is obtained by performing Agnihotra.

मुखं वा एतद्यज्ञानां यदग्निहोत्रम्। –

Agnihotra is prominent among all type of Yagyas.

सर्वस्मात्पाप्मनो निर्मुच्यते स य एवं विद्वानग्निहोत्रं जुहोति।

One who performs Agnihotra is liberated from all sins (defects or negative thoughts).


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